Sanctuary Book Project

"Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary... Ps.77:13 

My journey in studying the sanctuary started as a college student. Later, my 3rd grade son came home from his Bible class with the assignment of making a model of the sanctuary.  We opened up the book of Exodus and followed the directions as close as we could to build a scale model using wood and fabric.  What a learning experience for both of us!     

  Later, when I was tasked with instructing a children's class at church, I  felt they needed to understand the unbroken connection between the Old and New Testament. What better way than a study of the Gospel in the Old Testament Sanctuary?  I started drawing up scale models of the furniture on paper so the kids could all have a hands on learning experience.  After completing the study and the hands-on model, those young students were able to explain it to the adults!

The study book can be used separately, or as a combined book which includes the model. For groups, each individual can complete the study book and work together on completing the model.

Mark reviewing Sanctuary studies
Mark reviewing Sanctuary studies

Competed Sanctuary model
Competed Sanctuary model

Completed Sanctuary Model

Sunil with Sanctuary books
Sunil with Sanctuary books

Mark reviewing Sanctuary studies
Mark reviewing Sanctuary studies


Uses for Book

  • Pathfinders/Bible clubs

  • Junior/Eariteen classes

  • Church Schools

  • Prayer Meetings

  • New Believers Classes

  • Evangelistic Outreach

Study Book (Paper or digital)

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Model Kit 

The model kit is designed to scale and teaches the importance of the entire sanctuary structure and furniture. It can be purchased separately or combined with the study book.

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