Call On Me - Words and Music by Mark Trethewey

This song was inspired by contemplating our connection to God in prayer.  Regardless of where we are, what we are doing, or what circumstances surround us, we always have an open avenue to the One who has the answers.  He always has a listening ear and wants you to connect with Him frequently.  He gives the invitation to pray to Him anytime and always.


“I cannot tell you how much Love From Heaven has meant to me in the past several years…Love from Heaven is the single most beautiful, meaningful, reach-right-into-your-soul song I have ever heard, or ever will hear.  I once listened to it over and over (rewinding) for an hour and a half…Every time, I can close my eyes and feel so close to my Savior…” – Charmaine Stump, West Virginia

“After listening to the song “The Answer Is Me” I was speechless.  What a humbling moment that was for me” –Brenda Bowes, Pennsylvania

“Everyone should listen to this album (Tell Me the Story) 1000 times” –Pastor Hixon, Montana

"This song (The Crown) spoke to me so much I copied the words and carry them in my purse." Livvie Gates, Washington


Wheatfields is a collection of original songs written by Mark.  The title song, “Wheatfields” is a reflection on the parable of Jesus when He said to let the wheat and tares grow together.  In the last days, God will send His Latter Rain to ripen the heads of wheat, His faithful people, for the final harvest.  The other songs on the album are supportive of this theme.  Songs include, Call on Me, He’s Always There, Wheatfields, Jailbreak, Love from Heaven, It Won’t Be Long and others. 

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Angel In Disguise

This album contains the song, "Somewhere Across The Water" which was used for Layman Ministries theme song.  "Angel In Disguise" is an amazing true story of an angel rescuing a family in distress and is one of my most requested songs. The "Veteran's Song" was written about my uncle who lost his life as a soldier in WWII. "The Emerald Rainbow" is based on the description of God's throne in Revelation 4.  Other songs include Peace Within My Soul, In My Weakness, He is Strong, A Work For Me A Work For You, and several others. 

 Tell Me The Story is a collection of songs written by Mark that have been arranged to tell the story of the Gospel.  Fully arranged and orchestrated, it starts with a song about The Wise Men, then has a few songs about Christ’s ministry including Jesus’ Knee, He’s Forgiven Me and The Man from Galilee.  The Answer is Me tells why He endured the cross—to provide salvation for you and me.  Then it ends with a song about the glorious reward He has in store for us—The Crown. 

Scripture Songs Vol 1&2

This is a double album and contains 22 scripture songs fully produced with original music.  If you like scripture songs, you will love these.