Adventist World Radio 360 Mission Reports

Pakistan Missionary


Though I have never been to Pakistan, I have made many Pakistani friends through Facebook.  One of those friends is Sunil.  We shared a common interest in Guitars and Christian music.  Sunil translated my “Christ’s Sanctuary” book into Urdu (the local language).  We started studying Daniel and Revelation and Sunil decided to be baptized!  Since then, Sunil has gone to the Amazing Facts School of Evangelism and conducted his own series in the Philippines, resulting in 30 baptisms!  Sunil currently takes Bibles and other Christian books to small groups of Christians in Pakistan.  He is a real missionary for the Lord. 


July, 2018

Palawan, Philippines


February, 2017


April, 2016

Iquitos, Peru

2013 & 2014

Orenburg, Russia