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I love the ministry of the Bible sanctuary!  It truly communicates the message of salvation and existed before the Bible was written.  Actually, the name "Dallsia" came from the first letters of the structure and furniture in the sanctuary.  With all the sanctuary references in the New Testament, you can clearly see the connection with the Old Testament (John 5:46-47; Hebrews 8:1-5). The gospel connection is clear…

This book and model came from a children’s class at church. I started sharing with them how special the sanctuary message was—and why!  In order to keep their attention, I made a paper scale model (the engineer in me!) of each piece as we talked about it. I would write out studies for them and we would assemble the model together.


(Continued…) At the end, these children were explaining—to the adults—how each section of the sanctuary pointed to Jesus! Then the adults wanted to go through the study too!

I felt impressed to organize these studies into an introductory book explaining the symbolism behind the sanctuary and the gospel connection.  It is the same basic studies we went through at that first church, with the model now available as a PDF download. Once you see how the Old Testament sanctuary connects with the New Testament gospel, it becomes exciting to study deeper into God’s symbolism. It is also a ray of hope for our world today—if God cared enough then to tell us in advance what He was planning, He will do the same now!

I started Dallsia Ministries as a platform for Christian outreach opportunities. As I look around at the world today, I see people without the gospel hope.  They need Jesus!  End time prophecies are rapidly being fulfilled…but many are unaware so we need to share God’s love with them!  Now!


    In Christ,

Mark Trethewey


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